We encourage you to sync your bank account, single or multiple, in order to expand your accessibility to the app’s financial tools. 

Here are all the features and add ons that will be unlocked ones you link up your bank account with the app:

i. Automatic business expense tracking and reporting 

Ii. Accurately monitoring and managing your financial goals, profit and business budget for example cost incurred per kilometre of driving rideshare and profit earned with respect to the same.

iv. Auto-generating tax reports more easily, quickly and accurately

Why do we need to directly sync the app with your bank account? 

The application is programmed to enhance financial management for your independent business. For that to happen we need access to a verified source of your financial information. 

Permission to access your bank account does not allow us to acquire or change any security settings for example your banking pin, transaction password or any other record of transaction. 

We can only see and track what you allow us to for example your credit and debit transactions, your instalments and premiums. 

Why should I link my personal bank account if I do not have a separate business account?

You can sync your personal bank account without fear of any third party disclosure of your personal expenses or personal identification information. You have full control over which expenses you want us to track and include in the auto generated report. 

In simple words, if you mark expenses separately as ‘personal’ we will make no further steps in accounting them for you. Only the rest of the expenses termed ‘business’ will move on to the next steps of monitoring, budgeting and reporting. 

It is up to you if you want to export any personal expenses as a report for your personal budget or to show your personal accountant. 

Syncing procedure 

It is easy and hassle free to sync one or multiple accounts with the app. You only need to log in once and information will be saved for your personal accessibility. 

You can choose to set up a password for secured access to the app but that does not alter your banking information in any way. 

How do we guarantee security for your financial information? 

Steps taken to enhance and empower your privacy: 

i. Mygigsters app does not store the user’s bank credentials 

ii. The app protects and withholds your personal information from unauthorised third parties

iii.Your data is encrypted and protected even if your location is turned on and is untraceable 

iv. We do not disclose your permissions and preferences to third parties

Partnership to provide users with top-notch data protection: 

i. AWS based development and cloud storage that enables the application with discreet storage and accessibility 

ii. User’s data is stored and secured within Australia without any international transmission and obliges us to incorporate all high level security measures as issued locally. 

iii. The application runs on constant partnership with Illion Australia, who are pioneers and market leaders in providing trusted data and analytics services to over two million commercial entities in Australia. 

Can we guarantee 100% user convenience and trust? 

Yes, we take pride in introducing high level encryption, data protection and confidentiality to our application. The users are given full convenience of controlling, monitoring and reviewing our methods and security. 

Mygigsters does not hide any clause of information protection from its users and gives full authorization to the passionate gig workers and self-employed individuals to secure and empower their finances through our tools.