Your dreams are coming true, you’ve just started studying abroad and soon you will blast off into your career. However the path to success is  beyond flow diagrams and you should be expecting challenges round every corner. 

What can add to your security in a foreign land besides your identification documents? Enough money which is handy in the respective currency of the country you are studying in. 

But prices and expense patterns are different, especially for students from developing countries. You need to start early on minimising your costs and managing your finances. 

We have 5 essential ways to support International students in Australia in making smarter money moves: 

1. Think local 

Look around and make a list of all the necessities which are available locally. It’s best if you have grocery and medical stores in your locality. This helps in determining that: 

  • It will cut your costs of travelling to find these necessities 
  • You are well backed in an emergency situation
  • It is time convenient 

Feel free to scourge through all local take-out options which are not too expensive and might give out generous  offers from time to time! 

2. Be value synced 

You’ve made the smart move of having an Australian bank account. But how comfortable are you with the banking system? 

Bring your financial information in the palm of your hands and make it more accessible. Sync your bank account with a budgeting app. Track your spending and be on the budget constantly. 

There are several budget applications to choose from: 

3. Get thrifty 

Nothing that we’ve all not tried to get by. Being thrifty has long term benefits especially when you are a student contributing most of your time into studying. 

If you are comfortable with a reasonable lifestyle and do not mind missing out on parties take a look on how much ‘smart spending’ will save you: 

  • Get student discount cards from popular brands, book-stores and food chains, save up to 30% on actual prices
  • Get a library card instead of purchasing books and save up to $200 each semester
  • Rather than spending individually, get a pass for public transportation that fits your monthly budget. This can save up to $50 on extra expenses. 

4. Use your student status 

Have your nearest international studies authority issue a student card for you. This can save you loads of money on restaurants, clothing, utilities, stationery and even movie tickets! 

International students can get the IDP ISIC student benefit card to avail full-time student advantages in Australia.

You can check out Edwise, Global Opportunities and Santamonica as well. 

5. Get part-timing 

It’s best to have an independent source of income for day to day expenses. You can work part-time as a delivery driver for a local restaurant or pizza place. You can even ask around at your university if there are any student opportunities available. 

Do not worry about making it worth-while, this will not become your career and it is just to bring a stable income. Good news is you can use this experience to leverage your CV when applying for a career-oriented job! 

What to keep in mind when looking for part-time jobs? 

Most importantly, you are a student first. Focus on your objective and set aside a free time to take up gigs. Most gig platforms let you decide your own hours of working, find out the ones that best suit your income goals

Here’s some advice: 

  • Find a supportive community that knows about part-time jobs 
  • Do not provide any identification documents prior to confirming your job
  • Do not entertain anybody who approaches you as a ‘job agent’
  • Contact the International students hotline 1300 363 079 if you ever face an unsafe situation or problems with regards to your study and stay at Australia 

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