Some days start with trips within the locality and some, with trips too many kilometres away from one another. In the middle of a breakless schedule it is easy to get unmindful and lose focus on little things that can prove to be disadvantageous. 

Over 150 cases of break ins are reported annually by gig workers who often have to park in quieter neighbourhoods and offenders keep an eye out for them. 

We can only imagine the number of cases which might go unreported due to several reasons rooting in the constant hustle gig drivers have to go through.

Can break ins be prevented? 

Food delivery riders, delivery and rideshare drivers can ensure that their vehicle is secured against theft by checking off a few essentials. Here are the five things that will best equip you against such unsafe situations: 

Bike Locks 

It’s best to lock your bike to something rigid, parking near a lamp post or a stand would be the best option. A lot of locks come with extenders to make this easy.

Choose combination locks over conventional padlocks because the latter is very difficult to break open. 

Dash Cams 

This is a relatively new gadget for rideshare drivers who often find it difficult to record and prove their side in case of an unsafe incident. Dash cams can also be helpful to keep an eye on who approach your vehicle and try to tamper with it. 

It is easy to install over the dashboard of your car and captures high quality videos which can later be imported via a microchip into your phone. 

Anti-theft alarms 

There are several anti-theft alarms available which are compact enough to be used both for a bike as well as a car. 

Delivery drivers often need to wait at the customer’s doorstep before they can finish their job and come back to the vehicle. If anyone tries to tamper with your bike in that while you will be immediately alerted because the alarm will go off! 

Steering wheel lock 

We once spoke with an experienced gig driver who said he never expected to face these situations because he was very careful of where he parked his car and double checked if he had locked the doors. 

But his vehicle was not robbed until he came back home. 

“The offenders clearly had been keeping an eye on me for some time. The next morning I didn’t wake up to anything wrong with my car except that it wasn’t even there anymore!” 
                                            - Viren, rideshare driver for over 2 years

Therefore the best counter against your car being stolen is to lock the steering wheel while you are gone. 

Tire clamps 

Tire clamps can be found in all sizes, for bikes or cars and are easy to lock and unlock. These can  be best used during any breaks that you take  between trips. 

Especially if you cannot park at a busy spot due to several reasons. The parking charge could seem unnecessary, it might be difficult to get the vehicle out of the line or there could simply be no space available. 


Getting your commercial vehicle covered against theft and damage is really being one step ahead. It is not always in your control and insurance is the best way to redeem any and all commercial losses incurred in an unsafe incident. 

Reporting theft or robbery becomes quicker and easier if you are backed by insurance and it is expected to get you faster results on the case. 

Where can I find these security essentials? 

The best place to find all the gadgets and more would be or

More categorised online vehicle accessories stores include, Find out the best commercial car insurances for 2022

Where can I find support in such situations or any other unsafe situation? 

It can be hard to deal with when you realise the most valuable asset of your livelihood has been damaged. The whole process of lodging a complaint and reporting can be tedious. But contacting the police is very important. 

It is obvious to feel helpless and confused if it is your first time experiencing such a situation but you can always count on finding support in Australia’s most active and dedicated private community for self-employed and gig workers