Choosing to do freelance work can be for several reasons. It is flexible, independent, skill oriented and a good way to start earning more than conventional, full time jobs. 

One of the most flourishing services that people have been looking up in the last five years, is web development and branding their businesses world wide. This rise in popularity and demand also affects the competition likewise.

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Here’s what we found out when we spoke to experienced web designers in our community:

5 steps to becoming a successful web designer

Be Portfolio Perfect 

Designing and implementing functions in a web space takes a lot of work in the background. But pitching your service to a client can make good use of a well presented, pre-existing sample of your work. 

Keep a portfolio of your projects ready to build a good impression on your client quickly and efficiently. This will display your professionalism, experience and save a lot of time that would otherwise go into briefing. 

Focus on smart work 

Owning a freelance business will take you beyond the comfort of your technical skills and have you delve into management, analysis and planning. In order to have enough time for all of this it is important to apply smart work instead of just hard work. 

Keep up-to-date with the latest technology and intelligence that can get your work done quickly and efficiently, help you improve and improvise to deliver your best work as well as help you maintain a busy track of orders from different customers, all on time. 

Right now some of the most popular tools for web designers to build efficient mock ups are Figma,, MockFlow and Canva

Grow your network 

An independent business owner can benefit a lot from good customer feedback. But it’s not going to market itself on its own. You need to recognize the buildability of each testimonial you receive and use them towards advertising your services. 

Especially to add more people and businesses to your network, customer reviews can work wonders in helping you fetch in collaborators and clients. 

You can look for freelance web designers’ groups on Facebook and Linked in, engage in online forums or discussions, answer questions on quora and reddit to enhance your professional reputation! Attend workshops, events and join co-working spaces to improve your knowledge and ideas!


A successful freelance business always has three things working - efficient CRM, accurate income and expense management and amazing response rate! 

Here’s all that the collective result can predict: 

The Secret Step 

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