It would be so much easier to achieve your weekly income goals if all of the ratings you received on your rideshare or delivery driver app could be converted into tips. 

How do ratings actually affect your gig income?

  • Higher the ratings, more are the chances of getting pickups 
  • There are several opportunities of earning bonuses (in points or vouchers) from the platforms like UberEats, Deliveroo, Uber, DiDi and more 
  • Finally, higher the ratings, higher the chances of getting tips 

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How much difference do tips make in your total monthly income?

The average standard of tipping is 15% for each customer. So ideally the income for every delivery drop off or trip should increase by 15% of the commission or fare. 

It is very simple to calculate. If you earned 40 to 50 cents of tip money from 20 customers throughout one month, it would sum up to be around $8 to $10. 

Earning more than $50 in tips every month

For Uber, DiDi, GoCatch and other rideshare drivers 

  • It is easier to earn tips if your customer is comfortable regardless of a short or long ride,
  • You can ask the passengers if they have a preferred route;
  • Being welcoming and friendly is always a bonus
  • There is no need to force a conversation but if the customer is trying to speak with you ‘read the room’ and match their energy! 
  • Ask them if you could play their favourite music in the car! 

For Doordash, Deliveroo, UberEats and other delivery drivers

  • Timeliness is the key, 
  • Use real-time traffic and quickest route checking apps like Waze to avoid being late,
  • Use the ‘change trick’ to earn sure tips from every order that is paid in cash - when the customer hands out a round bill that is $2 or $3 more than the actual bill amount just say “awesome! Thanks. I really appreciate this.” This is to make sure that you are not being rude or too straightforward about the tip. 
  • Ask them if there is anything you could improve instead of asking for ratings. This usually gives the customer a sense of attention and that their opinion matters.  
  • Be clean, tidy and swift! 
  • Do not call them too many times, use an alternative navigation app as well to reach the accurate location. You can do this on several traffic checking apps as well.

Losing your tip? 

Of course it’s difficult to manage your money if it keeps coming in small, inconsistent amounts. Especially if you are earning most of your tips in cash it is possible that a good part of the money might be spent at the end of the day. 

Aim to add your tip monies to your real weekly/monthly income. This assures that you:

  • Can track your income progress
  • Save more than the previous week/month 
  • Keep track of which trip/delivery got you the most tips and try to repeat the pattern 
  • Be motivated to give your best!

Manage your tips and earnings 

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