How often does the news of a 'millionaire Uber driver' put us in awe? Primarily because in this century of rising prices and receding budget, it is impossible for a rideshare driver to accumulate wealth with an average monthly income on platforms like Uber and DiDi. 

Sure it's a fair advice to plan before you ‘invest’ in the rideshare gig, for example, purchasing a car or more recurrent costs like vehicle insurance. But is this enough to ensure that you will be able to redeem these investments in perfect time to retire from rideshare driving while also having a steady income? 

Here are 7 easy hacks that a fellow driver, who earns more than you, might be hiding: 

1. Make the most of your car

Rent out your car when you are not available to drive it for rideshare, especially on weekends when surge prices are lower. 

2. Be an 'Uberpreneur'

You are not being a sell out by supporting your own small business while rideshare driving! Many Uber drivers become successful salespersons when they start mentioning their side hustle like selling watches, accessories and such to their passengers.

Start selling similar accessories or promote your side hustle with a business card. Who knows you might be the next one making six figures a year by selling dazzling jewelry! 

3. Recognize potential

Start reading between the lines - not too many passenger's enjoy on-ride conversations but sometimes you should pay attention if they are trying to share something. This can help you earn good ratings and even tips! It takes quite some time to learn to be customer specific, but you'll get there! 

4. Been driving for quite some time? Use your 'technical' knowledge

Most Uber drivers develop detailed knowledge of cars after professionally driving for a year or two. Use this to your advantage and offer on-demand repair through hand-outs or a trusted community!

5. Consider signing up on delivery platforms too

Instead of driving around in search of pick ups when demand is low sign up for a couple of delivery platforms where the orders are sure! 

6. Use the passenger app

Every time before entering a surge zone log out of your partner app and log in to the passenger app! This enables you to scan the area from a customer perspective and get the best deal. 

7. Look out for bonuses

Get sign ups using your driver referral code and earn the bonus! 

Do I have to be tech savvy to use these hacks?

You don't need to be a "hacker" to hack into these simple tips! The basic knowledge of using your phone for picking up gigs should do just fine. Here are some usable resources for your advantage: is a car renting portal where you can list your car for free, sit back and earn while your car covers a rented trip with full insurance covered by the platform for the entire duration. Get trusted leads and set up for an eco-friendly way to success! 

Become a runner with! They offer same day dispatch and delivery solutions Australia-wide. They are always in need for agents capable of delivering bigger packages. 

Predict an estimation of your new enhanced income plan with It is fairly accurate and it will also help you plan the next steps into maximizing your savings! 

Stop worrying and start listening to what the experts have to say about income protection and the importance of personal insurance.

Maximize your income! 

Step up and follow these every day hacks to make the most of your daily earnings:

  • Set weekly/monthly goals to produce motivation and also have an estimate.
  • Track your daily income and expenses to realise profit
  • Save and organize all of your business expense receipts to apply for tax returns 
  • Regularly track your mileage to recognize a fuel consumption pattern and save directly on its cost.

Wondering if it’s possible to do all of  this manually without spending more than the time you’ve got to spare? Download the MyGigsters app and get it all done in seconds! Rated Australia's no.1 toolkit for rideshare and delivery  drivers, the app comes with added biometric security to keep your information discreet. 

Worried with what happens to your financial data? The app is transparently synchronized to your bank account without access to any personal id or password. Functions related to financial tracking only work after user authorization which means you have 100% control. 

Take charge of your own future, build a successful income and achieve financial freedom with us!