Christmas is around the corner and everybody is busy planning for the festivities. This year has been one full of restrictions and people haven’t had a lot of ‘freedom’ to go shopping outside. Experts have tallied the ‘pent-up’ cash flow and found out that businesses are likely to experience 15% increase in sales than the last two years combined! This ‘boom’ is to stay till the end of January. 

What does this mean for rideshare and delivery drivers in Australia? Independent business owners get over two months to take advantage of the growing demand for services and maximize their income. Starting this week, it’s the best time to drive around busier places during surge hours or for picking up delivery orders from the most popular restaurants in the city! 

Here are 5 things you can try this week to increase your income by $50! 

1. Find out about the events happening around:

  • Try planning your rides around the busy areas 
  • Look out for the latest events in your state beforehand using Eventfinda
  • Circle out the more popular events and make an estimation of how many people might attend
  • Note the starting and ending times of the events, set up reminders on your calendar accordingly 
  • The CBD area records high surge fares so aim at events connected by the same route  

2. Be smart when deciding what time to work for rideshare or food delivery:

  • If you are an Uber driver it’s best to be active around early mornings when not a lot of rides are available or in the evenings when people are looking for a ride home. Learn some rideshare hacks that can help you earn more money!
  • If you are a delivery partner with Menulog or Deliveroo, you should be around the popular restaurants during meal times, 11:30 am to 2 pm for lunch and later in the evening for dinner. 

3. Make the most of your work hours:

Well, it is true that the gig life comes with flexibility in terms of when you work. But you should be able to make the most of that time.

Next time when you are waiting in between rides or delivery orders use your phone to make some extra cash by filling online surveys or quizzes that ask very simple questions. 

Here are some verified platforms that pay you real-time for completing forms: 
  • Octopus group - payout of $0.28 per minute of activity
  • Swagbucks - $5 user sign up bonus 
  • LiveTribe - complete online surveys, participate in fun contests or jin interest forums to earn money

4.   Spread the festive vibes

Greet your customers with warm wishes for the holiday season. Put a smile on your face and make them feel comfortable. Try these adorable ideas: 

  • Put on a Santa hat! You’re taking them where they need to be or bringing them their favourite dishes; you are the Santa they need.
  • Play carols or Christmas music to share the season’s joy!
  • Use festive decorations for your car 

5.   It’s best for rideshare drivers to remember the spots with more demand for pick ups:

 Make a note of places like 

  • care centers for the aged 
  • Hospitals 
  • Busy hotels
  • Airport
  • Localities with no/limited parking space available

Make the most of your bonus earnings! 

Don’t stop at $50, decide to put every penny to work and achieve financial stability! Here are some wise habits for gig workers to practice: 

This year has been like no other and it's high time we recognize the importance of smart work, income security, a passionate community and effective solutions to the challenges which gig workers have to face daily. 

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