Flexible work is redefining the job market and income standards. It is never a bad time to start expanding your freelance services and passion projects to earn while doing what you love. 

Freelancing is a game changer, in fact there are freelancers who managed to make $10,000 in a month!

Then why is  it that we often hear them complaining about poor client conversion rates or low pay scales? It is due to the lack of empowerment for freelancers and their business

Here are the most common problems that freelancers find difficult to overcome:

Inefficient application 

Over 60% of freelancers solely offer consultancy services and it requires very efficient demonstration  as well as application solutions to convert a prospective client into a paying client. 

Even though you have put up the most convincing presentation ever, the client will always have some suggestions, feedback or integration to personalize the project. It is important to efficiently apply the key requirements or you will fail to give them what they want at the next pitch! 

Losing time 

Your freelance business can take up to 12 hours of your day when you are beginning to take charge but if this continues and over time you realize you are having to work 24x7 and still cannot manage all your projects then it is time to change the approach. 

Time really is money and you can be losing on both. 

Poor retention rate 

Your services are top notch. But why are the customers not returning after the first project? This can happen due to several factors that are not in your control: 

  • Other freelancers offering the same services at a lower price 
  • Clients preferring others’ recommendations 
  • Offers, discounts, favours etc. 

What can empower your freelance business? 

Intelligent management 

Managing your independent business goes beyond just the resources, information and money you put in. Here’s a list of all that can be intelligently managed to boost your freelance income: 

  • Multi-managing several projects simultaneously
  • Manage and toggle from one task to another 
  • supporting and managing multiple customers together 
  • managing all your financial goals, commitments and transaction history 
  • Managing all of the services you offer, all  in one place 

Professional invoicing, taxing and reports 

Solutions that let you automatically generate invoices, bills, receipts and reports save a lot of time, effort and are more accurate than manual calculations. You need help with: 

  • generating fast, accurate and presentable financial estimates

  • auto-generating invoices 

  • generating payment reports 

  • generating income tax estimates and tax return estimates 

Meaningful Networking

Socializing in a business environment will work wonders for you. It will give you realtime information on demand for certain skills in the market, accurate cost of hiring someone from your industry, how others are saving taxes and much more. You need to: 

  • invite, add and collaborate with partners or other freelancers 

  • have effortless and instant communication with all your existing and prospective customers 

Making the impossible, possible 

“All  of these functionalities are impossible to have in one place!” That’s the most common reaction we get once we ask our users if they expect a solution to all of these problems that can fit on the palm of their hand. 

Because we can and we have! Gignition by MyGigsters is the most powerful freelance business management tool that empowers you to gain smart management and control over your services and customers.

It is simple, quick and easy to use. Extremely reliable and flexible, it is capable of multi-managing almost all aspects of your business while you focus on boosting your income. 

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