You can make twice more than what you are earning right now from your freelance content work! We had a chat with some of the busiest freelance writers in our insider community and found out their secret to never falling short of work

“You can land any client with these three: your genuine passion for the project, access to a few master blogs and signing up to a legitimate freelance community,” said Sal, one of our amazing Gigsters in the community

Here are some of those must read blogs that got us excited!

Blogs by Austin Kleon 

Austin Kleon is an American blogger popularly known for making it to the New York Time’s bestselling author’s list with three of his illustrated titles! 

What can you learn from him? Possibly, How to Steal Like an Artist and more creative hacks to keep your creativity on its feet and up skill your writing abilities. 

Freelancer’s Union 

 Managing a freelance business on your own is not easy. Freelancer’s Union helps educate you with the latest industry trends, challenges and resources, especially when it comes to taxes and financing as an independent contractor. 

A Better Lemonade Stand 

You are thinking of making more from your freelance projects, you want to go all in and create something of your own. Did we just read your mind? 

It is always a good idea to start out on entrepreneurship! A Better Lemonade Stand helps newly starting entrepreneurs, independent business owners, freelance business owners and other sales-based online entrepreneurs, in getting started with managing your own business better.

They hand out resourceful information and guides to get real results like ‘How to make your first 100 sales’

The Branded Solopreneur 

Learn the secrets of the ‘visual hook’ from the masters! Writing copies as a freelancer and getting too many re-dos from the client? All you need to do is up your game of imagery! 

The Branded Solopreneur can help you develop your own brand image and help you learn the 

ABCs to create high class visual strategies that a client just can’t say no to! 


The platform lives up to its name. ProBlogger helps you get professional, sharp and undeniable with blogging. You can find proven ways to actually be a full time blogger and earn a good income from it. 

Their must read is ‘5 ways to grow your blog without relying on Google Traffic’


It’s so simple, you have to check it out! From copywriters to bloggers, every freelance writer can use Copyblogger to create, manage and prototype quality content and content strategies. 

You can always increase your credibility as a freelance business owner by partnering with comprehensive resources and platforms to enhance your skills and attract clients! 

Becoming the next BIG Freelance master

Your performance is truly defined by your company. It is not true that freelancers work alone. The freelance market hosts some of the world’s largest networking platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer and more. 

But how close are the members when it comes to sharing a discussion? Billions of people join to look for work. You should join a community that is integrated, constantly upgrading its standards and truly shows interest in your work.

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