The government of Victoria, in their latest initiative to bring about financial equity and support independent businesses, are allowing a grant amount between $2500 and $5000 for rideshare gig workers in Victoria!

The application process is easy and safe, you just have to fill this form:

You can apply any time between 03.06.2021 and 11:59 pm, 24.06.2021.

Applicants are eligible if:

1. They are Located and working in Victoria

2. They have an ABN and are registered for GST on the 27/05/2021

3. Their business ANZIC code must begin with 4623 or 5299

Additionally you must provide information relating to your bank account (personal information like passwords will not be asked for), ABN number, ANZIC code and drivers license. It is 100% safe and secured!

Since rideshare drivers are independent contractors. They are listed as a business.

Therefore if government restrictions impacted your ‘business’ between between 28/05/2021 to 04/06/2021, you will receive $2,500. If government restrictions impacted your ‘business’ from 28/05/2021 and beyond 4th June will receive $5,000.

Follow these general guidelines when filling the form:

1. You must answer yes to the first 7 questions in section 1.

2. Answer ‘no’ to question 8 since you are not a ‘hired’ staff of the gig economy company.

3. If you do not have a specific business account registered in the bank to your name, you can mention your personal bank account details in the form.

4. You must mention your ANZI code without which the application is invalid. If you are not aware of what it is for you or if you need to renew it once again please follow the instructions on the verified page for ABR information:

5. Although these are the prescribed answers for the form we request you to take some time, patiently focus and understand the context of the details. The information you will be providing is sensitive and government guarantees to store it safely. However, carefulness always paves a sure-shot path to winning!

Why apply?

This is an important opportunity for rideshare gig workers to expand their facilities while the government takes care of their heavy financial aids. We suggest you register for the government’s program as a part of its Business Cost Assistance program. This is very beneficial for gig workers looking for financial support.

This program aims to help you through times of low income. Drivers who have incurred ‘direct costs’ as a result of the circuit breaker action can receive this money.

Wages, paid leave for staff, and booking cancellations are examples of ‘direct cost’. This repays the temporary suspension of your real-time income when you had to be inactive in light of the pandemic restrictions.

We don’t know yet if you can use the money to repay loans, pay for insurance or use for trading purposes. We appreciate the government’s quick response to help reduce immediate losses. It is our responsibility to share this verified update with every rideshare Gigster in Victoria. All you have to do is apply!